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Quality Coffee
Quality Coffee

Quality Coffee Machines, Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate and More

As a wholly-owned kiwi company, we provide complete hot beverage solutions for workplaces across NZ.

We offer all our customers a free on-loan coffee machine. In return, all you have to do is purchase from our extensive consumable product range which includes:

Our own freshly roasted coffee and hot chocolate, tea especially imported from Sri Lanka, and all other consumables needed to serve great hot drinks at your workplace.


What Kind Of Equipment Do We Provide?

We have a huge range of coffee machines available to suit workplaces of all sizes. 

Our machines can make all types of coffee and hot chocolate.

We have automatic and manual machines, offering fresh milk and powdered milk options, as well as water coolers and coffee grinders.  


Maintenance and Support

What Maintenance and Support can we provide?

We pride ourselves on our expert team of maintenance technicians. If there is ever a problem with your machine we will come out and fix it right away, free of charge.

To meet the needs of our client-base, we have service vehicles on the road, plus a nationwide network of trained technicians in every city and region for prompt service calls.

Our parts department hold an extensive range of parts so there is typically no problem we cannot solve.